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Write masterful fiction paperback and kindle ebbok

Write Masterful Fiction

The Fiction Writer’s All-in-One Essentials Course

It’s one thing to churn out 80 thousand words and call it a novel or collection of stories – it’s quite another to get that work accepted and loved by publishers and readers. The vast majority of novice authors never make it past the scrutiny of publishers or sell enough copies through self-publishing to make a decent income. They are all let down by one thing – a simple lack of knowledge of the core skills needed to write publishable and profitable fiction.

I have identified just 10 fundamental skills and understandings that can utterly transform your writing and make your dream of authorship possible. The Write Masterful Fiction book and video course covers these skills as well as the fatal errors that can cause agents and publishers to reject your work.

Topics include:

  • Story idea and premise.
  • Dynamic characters.
  • Tense and point of view
  • Dialogue.
  • Showing vs telling
  • Description
  • Scene and plot structure
  • Opening lines
  • Next steps: editing, publishing and staying on course

Plus, a whole chapter on breaking through writers block by writing into the unknown and accessing the field of deep inspiration. No more sitting at the blank page wondering what to write next. It doesn’t have to take you months to learn the essential techniques of publishable fiction – everything you need to know is clearly explained in this book/course, together with examples and practical exercises. Once you’ve got these down – you’re in the game!

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A complete writing workshop in book format

Write Masterful Fiction is available as both a Udemy video course and as a Kindle and paperback book. With the book version, you can read the chapters separately to get specific information or take them consecutively as a course and be guided through a process of planning and writing a story. By the end of the course you’ll have a complete short story or a collection of scenes for a longer work like a novel, memoir or screenplay.

Plus, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you have begun to master the key skills of writing fiction that both publishers and readers love.

About the author

Russel Brownlee is a book editor, writer coach and award-winning author. His novel Garden of the Plagues won the Olive Schreiner Award for debut fiction in South Africa (2006) and was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Awards.